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Anschutz 9015 Air Rifle ONE

Anschutz 9015 Air Rifle ONE
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The premium target air rifle Model 9015 in the ONE-stock

A match air rifle was needed for all marksmen and all disciplines, something for the entire family. In other words, from junior to adult marksmen and seniors to bench rest marksmen, EVERYBODY can practice their sport with a SINGLE air rifle. Regardless of whether the marksman is right-handed or left-handed. It should be of high quality, robust and able to grow with the shooter, multifunctional and, above all, repeatable, precise and have an appealing design.

A new concept was born - The premium target air rifle model 9015 with ONE-stock was created.

The barreled action
The new 9015 barreled action was developed based on the successful ANSCHUTZ 9003 Premium air rifle barreled action. With optimised air pressure control characteristics, a new patented 5065 4K trigger with ball bearings and versatile adjustable trigger blade, a stainless steel barrel unit and the thin, special coated muzzle tube, also made of stainless steel, this barreled action will replace all earlier ANSCHUTZ air rifle barreled actions in the future. Features include:

  • Maintenance free stabilizer.
  • Revolutionary firing pin and valve system for even calmer shot release.
  • Optimised flow behaviour.
  • Recoil and vibration free compressed air barreled action.
  • Extremely short lock time.
  • Precisely adjustable match trigger with axial ball bearing.
  • Optimised cocking.
  • Special concept for dry firing and safety.
  • Air filter against pollutions.
  • Maintenance-friendly system.
  • Easily exchangeable compressed air cylinder with manometer.
  • Adjustable trigger blade.
  • Cocking lever mountable left and right.

The stock design
The design should not be defined by technology, but design and technology must interact together in an unprecedented and uniquecombination. It was in this way that the novel, innovative and ergonomic stock design was created in a collaboration between renowned designers and our engineers. With an unbelievably narrow construction, it still gives the shooter a previously unseen sense of freedom in the shooting position. Discover these new, unprecedented opportunities for yourself and for your success.

The stock innovation
A stock that goes beyond all previous versions and represents the peak of technical evolution. Numerous continuous adjustment optionsprovide the marksman with practically endless flexibility for adjusting the stock to individual requirements. Due to its adjustment range and balanced weight, the stock can also be used by junior marksmen. The ONE-stock grows with the marksman and can also be converted easily and as standard into a version for bench rest shooting (German discipline). Its multifunctional layout means that the stock can be used for all air rifle disciplines and position types. These and many other innovations were implemented in close collaboration with successful top air rifle marksmen.

All components having direct body contact are made out of the finest walnut and gives the marksman a natural feeling in the shooting position. The use of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, carbon fibre and high-strength aluminium gives the ONE-stock not only enormous and unique stability, but also provides complete rust protection and guarantees a long service life.

The 5065 4K trigger
ANSCHUTZ match triggers have always set new standards of quality, reliability and precision. With the newly developed and patented 5065 4K trigger, ANSCHUTZ presents top-class sport with a mechanical trigger that goes above and beyond all previous ANSCHUTZ triggers. It could probably be said that it is the best mechanical trigger in the world.

The patented 5065 4K trigger impresses with its unprecedented extremely short trigger release time. The axial ball bearing (4K = 4 bearing balls, marked in yellow) on the trigger lever guarantees completely play-free trigger blade mounting. The resulting harmonic, even-running first stage travel leaves no desires unfulfilled. The very clear contrast when achieving the two stage gives the shooter a very precise contact with the shot.

Please find here more information on the new 5065 4K trigger.

The butt plate

The revolutionary butt plate, consisting of self-supporting elements, provides previously unseen adjustment options.

Discover these new, unprecedented opportunities for yourself and for your success.

Please find here a videos about the many adjustment possibilities of the new ONE-stock.

Here you can download the 9015 ONE product flyer.

Here you can download the ONE-Booklet about the various adjustment possibilities of the ONE-stock.

Included accessories:
Transport gun case MEGA, sight set 6834 and accessory box with: 6922 sight riser block XXL, front sight bridge, 16mm, clamping weight barrel extension, clamping weight barrel, stock weight, weight carrier, 4 ring weights each 25g, ONE-Spacer, filling adapter, air release screw, special grease, tools, instruction leaflet with original test target and service manual.


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Anschutz 9015 Air Rifle ONE
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Anschutz 9015 Air Rifle ONE
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Anschutz 9015 Air Rifle ONE
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Anschutz 9015 Air Rifle ONE
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Anschutz 9015 Air Rifle ONE
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Anschutz 9015 Air Rifle ONE
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