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Bleiker 3D Pistol Grip

Bleiker 3D Pistol Grip
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A pistol grip upgrade for Bleiker stocks. The 3D mechanism consists of a mounting plate which attaches to your stock. The mounting plate has a pillar which can be moved left/right and back/forward in order to optimise the position of the grip relative to the trigger.

The grip itself has an internal collar, which is used to connect to the pillar on the mounting plate. Within the grip, an internal mechanism allows for the rotation of the grip respective to the collar, without disturbing the configuration of the mounting pillar.

For 3P shooters who prefer to have different grips for two or three of the positions, one bolt allows the grip to be removed from the mounting plate without disturbing either the internal rotation within the grip, or the position of the mouting pillar - guaranteeing that each grip is in exactly the same place every time.

Available Options:
Grip Size:
Please select the desired size
Select whether the shooter is right or left-handed
Bleiker 3D Pistol Grip
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Bleiker 3D Pistol Grip
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