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Bleiker Challenger Metallic Smallbore Free Rifle

Bleiker Challenger Metallic Smallbore Free Rifle
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The Bleiker Challenger Sport smallbore rifle first hit the headline when Marcel Buerge of Switzerland won the Men's 50m 3P at the 2002 World Championships with one of the first models. Since then it has been increasingly visible on international firing points, and has been used to win medals at every level.

Bleiker Barrelled Action

  • The action is unique in its repeating accuracy as it always centers the rim of the cartridge case.
  • The new technology generates the best groups.
  • The loading port is located close to the shooter enabling crucial handling advantages for shooting in position.
  • Super Match Trigger 50 - 160 g

Bleiker Alu Stock

  • Milled out of high-quality, tension-free, aluminium.
  • The cheek piece can be adjusted individually in order to match the head position of the shooter. The new micro adjustment allows precise alignment with the rearsight.
  • The fore-end stock and butt plate carrier have integrated balance weights.
  • Fitted with the new Bleiker Supergrip Match 3 Buttplate.

Supplier without sights and now with the ejector fitted as standard.

The barrel supplied with this model is 23.5mm in diameter - compared to 22.0mm for the Challenger Lady modes - and approximately 5cm longer than the lightweight version. We can combine the various combinations of barrels and stocks as required.

Available Options:
Butt Plate Ratchet Height:
Please select the desired height:
Grip Size:
Please select the desired size
Select whether the shooter is right or left-handed
Anti-slip coating:
Do you require the anti-slip coating on the pistol grip?
Butt Plate Ratchet Length::
Please select the desired length:
(Please select colour)
Bleiker Challenger Metallic Smallbore Free Rifle
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Bleiker Challenger Metallic Smallbore Free Rifle
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