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Bleiker Metallic Stock

Bleiker Metallic Stock
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A good stock satisfies several requirements. It beds in the action securely and dampens the energy of the recoil. Butt plate, cheekpiece, grip and hand rest should all fit and be easy to adjust. Both weight and balance need to be just right to ensure the rifle's reaction is harmonious.

Bleiker stocks are milled from one piece to ensure stable vibration in the frame. The surfaces are sealed and therefore durable. A special bedding system ensures an optimum connection with the action and safeguards the superior accuracy of our rifles.

The butt plate, cheekpiece, grip and hand rest can all be adjusted in many different ways and then fixed securely in place.

The coloured power coating on the Metallic stocks creates a design that is both simple and timeless.

The cheekpiece of the Metallic stocks can be moved and tilted in all directions.

No tools are need to move it up, down or to either side, meaning it can be adjusted easily when in position. Millimetre precision is vital because there can be no compromises when it comes to getting your eye into the perfect position.

Available in six colours, and the stripe can be either black or white. Custom colour schemes are available for an additional fee - please contact us for details.

Available Options:
Butt Plate Ratchet Height:
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Butt Plate Ratchet Length::
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Select whether the shooter is right or left-handed
Grip Size:
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Stock Type:
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Bleiker Metallic Stock
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Bleiker Metallic Stock
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Bleiker Metallic Stock
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