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Grunig & Elmiger Barrel Tuner

Grunig & Elmiger Barrel Tuner
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The Barrel Tuner allows you to optimise the barrel vibrations when firing. This results in better, tighter groups. The Tuner can be adjusted in the longitudinal access in increments of 0.02mm, up to a maximum of 14mm. The integrated retainer prevents an unitential adjustment of the tuner.

Two versions are available, one with an aluminium weight, the other with a synthetic weight (the latter is 80g lighter).

The tuner comes complete with one removable weight ring, with the option to add up to two more.

Designed to fit muzzles of 20mm in diameter found on the older G&E Racer models. The R3 Racer has a barrel diameter of 22mm.

Available Options:
Tuner Weight:
Which weight do you require?
Grunig & Elmiger Barrel Tuner
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Grunig & Elmiger Barrel Tuner
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