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Grunig & Elmiger Hybrid 3000

Grunig & Elmiger Hybrid 3000
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After three years of development, Grunig & Elmiger have managed to realise a long-awaited dream. The result is the Hybrid 3000 stock.

Through the combination of Carbon Fibre and Aluminium they have broken new ground in rifle stock design. With a solid connection between the aluminium and carbon fibre they have created a new hybrid body which offers the best characteristics of both materials.

Clever arrangement of the carbon fibres allows them to optimise the materials properties for rifle shooting. Extraordinary mechanical properties, such as high strength and flexibility, guarantee a pleasant shooting experience with this stock.

The Hybrid 3000 stock features the following advantages:

  • No thermal expansion
  • Optimized vibration behaviour
  • Flexibility, despite high stiffness
  • Warp resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Strength higher than steel
  • Pleasant to the touch in both cold and warm conditions
  • Ideal balance
  • Top design
  • Aluminium core allows technical adaptations and adjustments
  • Ergonomic shape

The main shape of the Hybrid 3000 stock is similar to that of the tried and tested G&E RS series. It features a rounded forend similar to the XRS and has the same adjustment mechanisms as found on all G&E stocks. It does however have the new adjustable "Black II" cheekpiece which allows micro adjustments to height and offset in position. Levers on the main adjustment ratchets are also included and these enable cheek height and butt length to be adjusted one handed while in position.

The stock can be used with the following 50m and 300m actions:

  • G&E R3 Racer
  • G&E R2 Racer
  • G&E Racer World Champion
  • G&E X Racer
  • G&E FT300 Free Rifle
  • G&E FT300 Standard Rifle (Single Shot)
  • G&E ST200 Free Rifle
  • G&E ST200 Standard Rifle (Single Shot)
  • Bleiker Challenger
  • Anschutz 1807-1913 Actions (with Anschutz adaptor plate 001146)

The 'Equaliser' - an optional set of fore-end weight rods - fits inside the fore-end of the stock, and can be adjusted fore/aft to optimise the balance of the rifle in each position.

Available Options:
Butt Plate Ratchet:
Please select the desired length
Grip Size:
Please select the desired size
Select whether the shooter is right or left-handed
'Equaliser' Fore-end Weights Required
Rifle Type:
Select the make of your rifle
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