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Kurt Thune X.9 Jacket

Kurt Thune X.9 Jacket
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In 2011, the X.9 model from Thune became the new 'top of the range' model from this leading manufacturer.

The starting point for the development work of the X.9 models was not to make something which looks very different but a creative approach to solve several different problems that appear for rifle shooters with different techniques and body builds. The X.9 models are designed to be technically the best solution for every shooter.

The new features include:

  • According to ISSF rules the left sleeve may not touch the rifle stock behind the left hand in prone or kneeling. This is avoided with the addition of a stretchy panel in the lower sleeve in the contact area between the sling and the sleeve. At the same time it reduces the pressure from the sling on the shooters wrist.
  • A new stretchy panel in front upper left shoulder area which reduces folds in the material in this area.
  • A new cut in the left side of the back creates a better fit in standing. The new seams are used for complicated Made To Measure adjustments as well.
  • An asymmetrical cut in the top of the back with a broader soft panel in the neck to reduce the jacket pressing into the neck in prone position.

In October 2011, Kurt Thune introduced a new 'Hybrid' fabric that is part synthetic, part canvas. This material has been used to add a new variant to this X.9 jacket, the Hybrid-Pro:

  • The Hybrid-Pro variant consists of two layers of the new Hybrid material. When new the jacket is a little less stiff than the Canvas-Pro version, but will still need some breaking in before it will comply with the ISSF regulations. The material is more durable and will retain its stiffness for longer than the Canvas model.
  • The Canvas-Pro variant consists of two layers of canvas - the same construction that has been in use for many years. When new the jacket is very stiff, and will not comply with ISSF stiffness regulations until it has been broken in.
  • New for 2016 - Kurt Thune have added the new i-Canvas Pro model. This canvas has another structure and is more elastic or rather have a supporting effect than traditional canvas. It moderates the shooters movements in standing and kneeling positions. This without the "plastic spring between your shoulder and the wall behind effect" as Olympic Bronze Medalist Henry Hakkinen said.

iCANVAS has been tested by ruling Olympic 50m Champion Nicco Campriani, Olympic 10m Champion Alin Moldoveanu and Finland's own Juho Kurki who just shot three new Finnish records with air-rifle.

Please note that the colours for this jacket are now as follows:

- Hybrid Pro: Grey, White & Lime

- Hybrid: Grey, White & Orange

- Canvas Pro: Black & White

- i-Canvas Pro: Black, White, Grey, Turquoise & Orange

Click here for a copy of the Thune flier which illustrates the new features.

Click here for the sizing chart.

Available Options:
Select whether the shooter is right or left-handed
Select required size
Please select the material you desire:
Kurt Thune X.9 Jacket
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Kurt Thune X.9 Jacket
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Kurt Thune X.9 Jacket
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Kurt Thune X.9 Jacket
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Kurt Thune X.9 Jacket
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