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Noptel Sport II 10m Set

Noptel Sport II 10m Set
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Noptel ST-2000 Sport II continues the heritage of Noptel´s famous ST-2000 product family, originating in the early 1990´s. While maintaining the excellent accuracy and reliability of its predecessors, Sport II is designed to be even more compact and user friendly for serious training. It is quick to set up and easy to take with you to competitions. It is simply the best sport shooter trainer ever made.

Noptel ST-2000 Sport II is a progressive, environmentally acceptable, safe training system for shooters which allows high precision analysis of technique anywhere and at any time: at the shooting range, at home, alone or with one's coach or training companion. The system will help you to improve your own skills as a shooter by practicing just those things that make the most difference.

You can analyze your own performance and discover the reasons for your mistakes. Noptel ST-2000 Sport II will give you an answer to the perpetual question: Why did the shot go where it did?

Fits onto your own gun

The transmitter/receiver is a small unit which is attached to the shooter's own gun and linked by a cable to a computer. This allows the whole shooting process to be viewed in real time on the monitor.

Conventional target

The target used with Noptel ST-2000 Sport II is conventional in appearance but is fitted with a reflector. No electric current or wiring is needed, and it can be placed wherever you want. A number of shooters can aim at the same target simultaneously.

Compact and efficient

The new generation Optical Unit is now even more compact than ever before to meet the highest requirements of shooters around the world. The system follows precisely the gun movement by using invisible light, which allows the shooting performance to be viewed in real time and recorded on computer for closer analysis. The low power consumption has made the connection very light and practical.

Innovative Structure

The new innovative structure protects the optics and electronics against mishandling and prevents misalignment. The new clamp makes the installation fast, easy and stable. The opening extends from 12 - 45 mm and makes it possible to get a good grip even to the tapered barrel as well. The optics are arranged vertically and this allows closer placement to the barrel, when needed.

User friendly

ST 2000 Sport II system is very easy to use. It is quick to set up and requires very few cables and no separate power supply - just plug it into the serial port of the computer. The optical unit can be zeroed quickly and accurately with the help of adjusting knob and the computer. The shooter is free to concentrate entirely on the shot, as the computer performs the measurement and storage operations automatically.

Illustrative & informative

Noptel ST-2000 Sport II provides clear, unprejudiced information on the effect of the shooter's hold, aim and trigger control on the resulting shot. This information boosts the efficiency of training sessions by exposing individual problems with your technique.

Analysis of the results

The software provides a detailed, comprehensive analysis of the shooters' performance and allows him to follow his own development by comparing his scores with previous ones or with those of his competitors.

Technical Shooting Analysis by Noptel ST 2000 Sport II

The system measures and stores the gun alignment trajectory before and after the shot and the hit point itself. This data is the basis for the technical analysis. The shooting performance model has proved to be extremely reliable and it is widely used by top sport shooters around the world.

The model consists of score factors, which are hold, aim and trigger control. These factors are illustrated in analysis, statistics and reply modes. You will see the holding ability also straight after the shot at the screen in form of a hold box, which is a small square when good and a large rectangle when poor. The small cross in the middle of the hold box indicates to the shooter the centre of gravity of aiming. Good aiming ability means, that the cross is located in the centre of the target. The timing and cleanness of triggering can be analysed easily from the time scale output curve by comparing the movement right before trigger release. All this information is found also in numerical form in the statistical reports.

Noptel Sport II 10m Set
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Noptel Sport II 10m Set
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Noptel Sport II 10m Set
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Noptel Sport II 10m Set
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Noptel Sport II 10m Set
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Noptel Sport II 10m Set
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