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Pardini GPR1 'Pro' Air Rifle

Pardini GPR1 'Pro' Air Rifle
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Made in Italy stand for elegance, quality, and originality since the beginning of time.

Italy is the country of the small entrepreneur, the artisans, the technician-artist. It is the home of all those who know that working well is important, but at same time who don’t want to abandon creativity and genius in their products. For this creative side half the world envies us, because if it is true that an artist without technique cannot realize his vision, then a technician without art will be competent but never excellent. This is how my encounter with one of those "artisans" of the XXI century, Gianpiero Pardini, leads to the birth of the first professional air rifle made in Italy.

It all began the summer 2010. At that time I was neither world champion nor Olympic champion, but I was simply a passionate engineering student and a promising shooter (if you overlook my last shots). Yes, I was talented, but at the same time I knew my weaknesses, where most definitely the approach on the target stood out. In that stage I committed my most frequent mistakes, which then in return manifested punctually the moment I was to pull the trigger.

In an attempt to find a solution, I figured out something drastic: constantly staying in position, maintaining steady muscle tonic and therefore eliminating the delicate stage of initial positioning. My trainings consisted of shooting without going out of position for loading, reinforcing my body’s resistance, and my results improved at surprising speed. Prone, standing, kneeling, the position did not matter, as soon as I shot one shot, I reloaded in position and I was already prepared to trigger the next one. For the first time in my life I tasted what the Americans call the "flow", a moment where shooting is relatively easy and straightforward.

The technique I used required that the loading mechanism was close enough to be easily reachable while in position. This backward location was typical of the bolt of a small-bore rifle, while at that time existing air rifles were characterized with a notable distance from trigger to loading chamber. Ergo, to load an air rifle I was forced to use a tripod and come out of position for loading between one shot and another.

I would like to be clear: it is possible to shoot good scores even if you are not loading in position, but to me it didn’t seem as easy, especially in situations with major tension. So, after one of the many frustrating air rifle trainings I confessed my thoughts to Gianpiero Pardini, who in his youth had been an international shooter. I expected a pat on the back, a simple "don’t give up" and I would have been happy with it, but instead of an answer I saw Gianpiero smiling a secretive smile and giving a thoughtful look towards the ceiling.

"It is possible…"

Three years have passed since that day, and after hundreds of hours of development and work we are excited to present the new Pardini air rifle:

  • a barrel made and selected at Pardini factory
  • a unique and patented absorber system to prevent recoiling
  • a shaft with multiple regulation possibilities, designed by shooters for shooters
  • and finally, a loading system significantly closer to the shooter, a small change that opens a world for new training methods and innovative shooting techniques

This rifle is the answer to a new way to perceive the shooting sport, a way that the international shooting federation is aiming for, by shortening preparation and competition time which pushes the shooters to quickly settle down in position and adopt a faster pace.

A system has changed, not just a detail, and by offering the possibility of loading in position we want to convince the shooters to see these changes not as risks, but as a new opportunity.

An all-Italian rifle, quality insured by the Pardini brand, designed by the shooters of today, for the champions of tomorrow.

Best regards, and good luck!


The GPR1 'Pro' model is fitted with the MEC Contact III Butt Plate, the Centra Pro-57 'Start-Line' Rearsight and one-piece sight raisers. Please note that the optional weights are not included.

Pardini GPR1 'Pro' Air Rifle
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Pardini GPR1 'Pro' Air Rifle
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Pardini GPR1 'Pro' Air Rifle
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Pardini GPR1 'Pro' Air Rifle
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