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Starik Carbon Tube

Starik Carbon Tube
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A extraordinary barrel tube, which features:

  • Long sighting distance for more accurate aiming.
  • A built in tuning weight which is used to tune the rifle for positive compensation
  • A short collar of only 25mm in length clamped on the rifle barrel which ensures the choke is at the muzzle.
  • Every tube is custom made to each barrel length and diameter using a calculation of odd harmonics to tune the rifle for best groups and decimal score (every tube will be different in length, depending on the length of the barrel).
  • The tube is made from a combination of carbon and aluminum, making it about 200g, which makes it comfortable to use for both 3p and prone shooters.
  • Two lengths of the tube are available:
    • The short tube is about 18.5cm +/- 1cm.
    • The long tube is about 31cm +/- 1.5cm.
  • An indexing ring in order to connect the tube at the exact position on the barrel.
  • The tube can be made in any barrel diameter requested by the customer.
In order to produce the perfect tube for your barrel, two measurements are required: Exact barrel diameter at the muzzle, and exact barrel length.

To determine your exact barrel measurements please follow the following procedure:

  • Make sure your rifle is safe.
  • Insert an empty shell to the chamber and close the bolt.
  • Insert a cleaning rod from the muzzle end until it stops.
  • Mark the rod right at the muzzle.
  • Take the rod out and measure it from the end till the mark.
  • That is your exact barrel length.

Measure your barrel diameter at the muzzle with a digital caliper.

Read more about the theory behind the tube, and how to install and adjust it on www.starikshooting.com

These tubes are made to order, and we expect delivery to take approximately 2 - 4 weeks.

Cleaning this tube is important and we have found the 12 Bore Hoppes Boresnakes to be the perfect. These are quick and very thorough. You can order one from us and will find them in the "Cleaning Kit" section.

Available Options:
Barrel Diameter (Smallbore only):
Please enter the diameter of your barrel to the nearest 0.1mm
Barrel Length:
Please enter the length of your barrel in mm
Rifle Type:
Select the make of your rifle
Tube Length:
Please select the desired length of the extension tube
(Please select colour)
Starik Carbon Tube
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Starik Carbon Tube
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Starik Carbon Tube
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Starik Carbon Tube
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Starik Carbon Tube
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Starik Carbon Tube
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