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TEC-HRO Fanatic Rear Stock

TEC-HRO Fanatic Rear Stock
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A rear-stock section including a butt-plate carrier and cheekpiece for a TEC-HRO Fanatic stock.

The cheek piece can be adjusted in 5 dimensions (right-left, up-down, front-back, right-left and longitudinal swing) and thus achieve the best possible anatomic head position for the shooter. It is also plastic-coated, making it smooth and pleasantly warm to the touch!

The BIGGEST INNOVATION, however, is the patent-protected locking system that allows the ENTIRE REAR STOCK, INCLUDING CHEEK-PIECE and BUTT PLATE to be replaced as one piece in just a few seconds - using only one hand and without tools! The frictional locking system is simple, positive, and provides absolutely repeatable and bombproof installation!

This feature is particularly useful since according to new ISSF final rules a competitor has only 7 minutes to adjust equipment between kneeling and prone positions and only 9 minutes to switch over from prone to standing - INCLUDING sighting shots!

With the rifle stock TEC-HRO fanatic you definitely have a great advantage and can focus on your shooting!

Available Options:
Select whether the shooter is right or left-handed
(Please select colour)
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