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Shooting Notes [NOTES]



Olympic shooting is so much more than trying to shoot as many 10s as possible. A shooter needs to be physically and mentally fit to overcome all the pressures that can arise on the shooting line. In order to achieve that they need to be well-organized and develop a more comprehensive approach.

Shooting Notes are just one part of this scheme helping shooters to plan and analyze their individual shooting sessions, as well as their whole season better. This shooting book contains an introduction into how to begin writing and analyzing your shooting, basic guidelines for setting goals and building shooting routines, as well as ready-made forms to be filled out at every practice/competition.

The notebook is designed for beginners and advanced shooters of all ages and disciplines. This does not mean it will win competitions and set up new records on its own. It will, however, guide shooters in analyzing their shooting in the most efficient way, encouraging them to focus on the good and on finding solutions, instead of dwelling on the negatives.

Keeping track of your development has never been easier than with this attractive and easy-to-use notebook.

Each of these performance logs consists of 150 ready-made forms to guide you in your shooting analysis. The beginning chapters focus on defining goals, tracking settings, and building detailed shooting routines.

Suitable for beginners to advanced shooters of all disciplines alike, Shooting Notes will help you structure your approach to shooting, improve your mental preparation, and in time become your invaluable personal shooting resource.

What’s Inside?

Writing Goals

Being well-organized can help shooters reach a higher level more quickly. Shooting Notes encourage the shooter to sit down before the season and think about their short- and long-term goals.

Rifle/Pistol/Position Settings

Gathering information on the particularities of your rifle/pistol and your position in one place makes it easier to keep track of the progress and adjust settings. When every change is noted, it is easier to return back to the previous setting if it proves more optimal.

Technical Steps

Having a well-established technical routine is a prerequisite when changing anything from weapon settings to position settings. It is not enough to only keep such info in your mind as unused data gets forgotten quickly.

Mental Approach

Every shooter who strives to do better knows that they should pay attention to the mental aspect of the sport. Psychological routines from preparing for the practice/competition to coping with stress during it must be set up and followed.

Shooting Analysis

Everything you need to know about the shooting analysis – why write it and what to write. It explains how to fill out ready-made forms in a way that helps the shooter grow and develop shooting skills in the right direction.

Ready-Made Forms

The main goal of writing the shooting analysis is not to ponder over emotions, but to objectively think about the technical and mental approach to shooting. Ready-made forms are designed to guide the shooter after each practice/competition to think and write in such a way, and write in such a way.

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