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Rink Air Pistol Grip [RINK-AP]

From: £198.00


Rink Pistol Grips are replacement grips for your Air Pistol. They are customisable in five dimensions - size, side, form, angle & volume.


The hand width is measured across the knuckles, not including the thumb. Seven sizes are available.


All grips are available for left and right handed shooters - at the same price!


To fill the hand completely, there is a choice of convex (for a normal man's hand) or flat (for short or big hands) palm area.


The lateral grip angle of the 0° version of our grips has been calculated so that the shooter can reach behind the pistol, with barrel axis and forearm forming a line. However, for anatomical reasons there are some shooters who find it difficult to hold the pistol in this way.

For right-handed shooters aiming with the left eye, or for shooters who have steady a left angled front sight, all grips are also available in a version angled 7° around the grip axis towards the trigger finger. This angled version is also beneficial for shooters with short fingers.


For shooters with disproportionately long hands the grips are also available with a thicker volume, with an additional 5mm of depth, so that the trigger finger doesn't reach too far into the trigger area.

Palm Shelf

As well as the normal palm-shelf option for conventional ISSF / NSRA rules, we are now also offering an adjustable wedge support for shooters who require some additional support for the air pistol.  This adjustable wedge support can be aligned exactly horizontally with three adjusting screws. In the case of pistols with an adjustable grip angle, it would otherwise not be possible to compensate for any potential canting.


    Click here for more information on each of the available options.

    If you choose a Laminate grip, there is a choice of different colour schemes - click here to see them.

    We keep a small stock of grips for the most popular makes and models of air pistols, but the majority will be made to order. We order once per month from Rink, by the last Friday in the month, and from that point delivery times are typically between four and six weeks, mostly depending on how long UK Customs delay the shipment.

    Please note, that as this is a custom order item - we cannot offer any form of returns policy.

    *Be aware - if changing an Electronic triggered pistol from Right to Left Handed (or Left to Right Handed) you may also need another electronic control unit. For at least the Morini CM162EI and Steyr EVO10E Air Pistols the current one cannot simply be swapped over.*

  • Delivery costs depend on the size and value of each shipment, and costs for mainland GB customers will be calculated and displayed as you add items to your basket.

    For UK customers, items in stock will normally be delivered in 1-3 working days. Postcode exceptions may apply for Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and other areas.

    Shipments to other countries will always be sent using a tracked service.

    Please note that when Donald is travelling in his capacity as a Coach with British Shooting, delivery times are likely to be a little slower.

  • From Elfed Weaver from Wales
    (20th May, 2021)
    Pleased with Grip, only needed minimum moulding to suit me
    From Therese Mitchell from Aberdeenshire
    (14th June, 2022)

    Absolutely delighted with my new Rink grip. Thank you Donald

    From Mike K from West Sussex
    (1st August, 2022)

    Needed a left-handed grip for a Walther LP300. Couldn't find one elsewhere. Made to order and came in time advertised. Needed a very slight bit of fettling so that the fixing bolt went in the grip OK as the hole in the washer was just a tad tight. Otherwise perfect!

    From Tony V from Somerset
    (7th October, 2022)
    Rink grip is as expected, good quality and great fit. Thank you Donald for your continued advice and great service.
    From Huw Morris from Aberystwyth
    (5th January, 2023)
    Rink grip good quality and does the job. Many thanks.
    From Bruce Melvin from Cumbernauld
    (7th February, 2023)
    The Rink grip is of high quality and enables user to make very small adjustments getting the best fit for your hand. Very happy with my grip and service provided by Edinkillie, thank you Donald.
    From Bruce Melvin from Cumbernauld
    (15th March, 2023)

    Thanks again for another grip Donald, high quality and excellent service as usual.

    From Dom Boyson from Staffordshire
    (13th April, 2023)

    I ordered the Rink grip for my LP500 and it fits my hand perfectly, the palm shelf adjuster is brilliant. One thing I have found is you have to torque the grip bolt up quite tight or the grip will rock back & forth. As the grip needs to be taken off to charge the electronic trigger this maybe a point of failure. Otherwise this is a great upgrade.

    From Bill Kennedy from glasgow
    (8th May, 2023)

    I purchased a left handed Rink grip for my LP10, and was not disappointed. The fit and finish are excellent, and the fit to my hand was exceptional for an off the shelf grip.

    From Neil Pavis from East Sussex
    (20th July, 2023)

    Ordered the grip for an Evo 10 with the optional base plate to use in the 10M supported pistol category. Makes the pistol steadier and easier to adjust the elevation - highly recommended

    From James D Stevenson from UK Cambridgeshire
    (17th August, 2023)

    Bought the Evo 10e pistol with extra large grip - too large. Purchased large Rink grip. Very, very pleased with the fit and feel of the grip and the quality of the wood. Very pleased. However, in order to fit the power switch and charging port properly under the covering metal plate, I had to enlarge the electrics cavity slightly (ca 1 mm) at the back end of the grip with my Dremel tool. Even so, the grip gets 5 stars for quality and appearance!

    From Robin Whinnett from Chester
    (16th October, 2023)

    Excellent Service ! Donald was so helpful when I had forgot a bit for the grip he sent it free of charge immediately. Thank you

    From Bruce Melvin from Cumbernauld
    (18th October, 2023)

    Ordered a medium Rink grip for my Morini 200EI through Donald who provides an excellent service, had previously so for another pistol. Fit and finish once again is perfect for my hand, so much better fit than the stock one from Morini. Very happy to recommend.

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