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New for 2021, and building on the well-known and successful range of Advantage jackets, Sauer have introduced the new Advantage Performance jacket featuring a new innovative material: SA-Tec.

SA-Tec is made entirely in Germany, has extremely high tensile strength, retains its shape and yet still affords great flexibility. It offers the shooter a long-lasting, individual fit and with it the prospect of practicing his/her sport at a consistent standard.

The Performance jacket guarantees the shooter stability and at the same time as much flexibility as is needed and desired for each position.

The SA-Tec material is vegan and absolutely odour-free. Light soiling can be easily washed off.

On common with other jackets in the Advantage range, this model includes the following features, as shown on the third product photograph:

  1. Asymmetric cut of the shoulders for better ergonomics when taking aim.
  2. Butt pad in suede (or Top Grip material on request) added to the shoulder and upper arm for optimum shouldering of the rifle when taking aim.
  3. Curved button placket in cowhide leather and button holes with piping for easier fastening.
  4. Inserts at inner elbows curved to the shape of the biceps made from breathable stretch fabric make it easier to bend the arm.
  5. Five screw-on buttons for individual adjustment of the width.
  6. Sleeve on the support arm rotated towards the back to give the best possible arm position for each shooting stance.
  7. The inner lining of the jacket is made of natural canvas in a variety of thicknesses.
  8. Heavily tapered back divided into 7 panels.
  9. Special shooting sling holder features a patented clasp and two-point horizontal as well as infinite vertical adjustment.
  10. Non-twist shooting sling holder (toothed belt).
  11. Back of support arm in sturdy canvas.
  12. Butt pad extending over the shoulder with infinitely adjustable strap assembly.
  13. Inserts in fine, breathable stretch fabric at both sleeve joints, between the back yoke and the sleeve.
  14. Two clip holders for fastening the competitor number. 
  15. Top Grip rubber patch at both elbows.

    Please note that letters on this model cost an additional £8.00 each.

    To order this jacket, please complete the purchase online as normal, and in addition download, complete and send us the relevant measurement form.

    Sauer Advantage Performance Measurement Form

    Please read this measurement guide before taking any measurements:

    Sauer Measurement Guide

    This colour guide will also prove useful when designing your colour scheme:

    Sauer Colour Guide

    Sauer also provide an interactive webpage where you can design your jacket:

    Sauer Configurator

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