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SCATT MX-W2 - the newest model in the lineup of SCATT MX - series systems.
With this system you can practice at the reduced and real distances, indoors and outdoors, in dry-fire mode (no-ammo) and live-fire mode (real shooting).

Wireless optical sensor - can be mounted on most types of guns. It can sync to computers and portable devices via Wi-Fi.
Sensor's operating time from a fully charged battery is at least 3 hours.

The MX-W2 does not use an electronic target downrange, all it needs is a regular paper target. You can also use it at shooting ranges equipped with electronic scoring targets (e.g. Megalink, Meyton or SIUS). The entire SCATT system is now concentrated in the optical sensor, so it's surprisingly compact.

MX-W2 runs with the newest SCATT Expert software, It opens up even more opportunities for practice and performance analysis.

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  • From Wai Yoon from Leicestershire
    (6th November, 2020):
    Does the SCATT trainer MX W2 come with the mounting kit for a picanny rail ?
    No they don't come with a mounting kit for a Picatinny rail, sorry.  SCATT do make them, we can source as an additional part, but we don't have any in stock at the moment - never been asked for one before!
  • From DD from Wales
    (19th April, 2021)

    I bought my Scatt MX-W2 just over a month ago. So far, I am pleased with it especially as it can be used without any cables going to my laptop. It can still however be used with the supplied USB connection if you forget or do not have time to charge it up. I have also checked to see if it links up with my iPad which it does, but I have not used it for practice yet. In the past I have owned the USB Version; this is a Big improvement and a lot easier to use. Now I am trying to persuade My Club to buy one.

    From Goetz Eggelhoefer from Jersey, Channel Islands
    (10th May, 2021)
    I have used my SCATT MX-W2 repeatedly since I bought it. The hardware is easy to set up (although I would recommend watching the relevant You Tube videos) and the software is equally impressive. That said, the calibration process is fairly time consuming and is not always as seamless is it is suggested. Two important things to remember: (1) Make sure that the SCATT sensor is dialled in to the correct actual firing distance, (2)The SCATT MX-W2 is very sensible to light conditions both on the target and the surrounding environment. For best results when calibrating and then practicing you want a strong light source on the target and more ambient lighting for the area where you are shooting. Once you have cracked the lighting issue the SCATT becomes a very useful and usable tool,
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