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Steyr Evo 10E Air Pistol - Pre Owned [STYEVO10E-PO]

From: £1,750.00


We have available one pre-owned Steyr EVO10 E Air Pistol, which is virtually new and in mint condition.  

It is currently fitted with a Small, Left-Handed grip but we are happy to discuss swapping that for another right- or left-handed grip.  A different Steyr grip can be sourced at no extra cost, or alternatively a Rink grip can be specified - which will result in a price increase.

We do also have in stock a Rink grip - Medium, Right Handed, Convex Profile, in Red/White/Blue laminate - to fit this Air Pistol.

This Air Pistol comes with one blue cylinder and one silver cylinder.  Both are dated in the spring of 2020, giving a little more than nine years of validity remaining.


The highest technology with an electronic trigger!

  • Accuracy: First stage travel - point of release - hit: minimal movement during the shot release
  • The shooting hand is not disturbed when the shot breaks
  • Contact made out of gold instead of microswitch, no movement at the trigger take up
  • Infinitely adjustable STEYR electronic precision ball bearing trigger with the possibility
    to move the trigger backwards for shooters with small hands
  • Capacity of at least 10.000 shots with a full cylinder, 300 shots possible after light-up of the lamp
  • Rotatable rear sight and front sight and better adjustment of the rear sight depth
  • Proven and patented STEYR stabiliser made out of tungsten alloy
  • Dry fire training operates without cocking
  • Pistol available in silver or black, 11 different redesigned grips available


    action type: Single-shot pistol for pellets
    propellant: Compressed air
    calibre: 4,5 mm (.177)
    length / height / width: 400 / 148 / 50 mm
    weight: 968 g
    length of sight: 316 - 365 mm
    front sight: moveable, rotable blade 4,5 mm
    rear sight: rear sight 2 - 6 mm variable, depth 1 - 3 mm, rotatable
    trigger pull: 500 g
    trigger settings: first stage length & weight, second stage weight
    trigger blade adjustable: Trigger blade adjustable in height and length, axially and radially

  • All Firearms, including Air Rifle and Air Pistols, must normally be collected from us in person at our premises in Clackmannanshire, accompanied by the relevant Firearm Certificate or Air Weapon Licence.

    For UK and Isle of Man customers, it is possible to ship a purchased firearm to Registered Firearms Dealer of your choice. You are responsible for ensuring that any such RFD has agreed to receive any such shipment from us, for paying any handling fee that they may charge, and for providing us with their contact details so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.

    For any items which require to be signed onto a UK Firearm Certificate, this must be sent to us for completion prior to any shipment being made. Different arrangements exist for customers on the Isle of Man.

    Channel Island customers should contact us to discuss options prior to completing any order.

    We do not export firearms to any other countries.

  • Please note we are unable to ship this product overseas
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