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ahg-Anschutz Ceramic Gun Coating

ahg-Anschutz Ceramic Gun Coating
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Anschutz Gun Coating is a heavy-duty PTFE/ceramic coating for all types of firearms and knives.

Anschutz Gun Coating has excellent lubricating qualities, is free from residue and creates a transparent, dry film on the treated surface. Its PTFE-structure bonds firmly with the treated surface and provides long-lasting protection against corrosion, while the ceramic structures give the weapon a highly polished appearance. The functionality and efficiency of the weapon is maintained even in very low temperatures, and the shooting precision is increased. Anschutz Gun Coating is suitable for metal and plastic. Even older weapons will shine after a single treatment.

The high-performance coating acts like a ball bearing between galling surfaces. The PTFE/ceramic mixture has a long-lasting effect. It diminishes dust adhesion, providing maximum protection from corrosion. Anschutz Gun Coating evens out microscopically small cracks and grooves and smoothens the treated surfaces enduringly. It thus reduces wear to a minimum and improves the shooting performance.

Anschutz Gun Coating is suitable for almost any metal and plastic surface, even gold and silver ornaments remain protected for a long time. Anschutz Gun Coating can be applied to all surfaces. It thus provides all-round protection for all parts of the weapon (pistol slides, barrels, triggers, bolts of any kind, and cartridge chambers).

Smoothing the treated surfaces largely prevents gunpowder-adhesion. The non-greasy and residue-free lubricating characteristics of Anschutz Gun Coating prevent malfunction and jamming in firearms.


  • transparent, residue free, non-greasy coating
  • suitable for all types of firearms and knives
  • diminished dust adhesion
  • long-lasting effect
  • highly economical
  • resistant to sea and fresh water
  • highly temperature resistant (from -40 to +750 degrees centigrade)

*Please note that we only supply liquid oils and cleaning solvents to customers within the United Kingdom.

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