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Megalink 4K560 Electronic Target

Megalink 4K560 Electronic Target
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The 4K560 target can cater for 25m Pistol, 50m Smallbore Rifle & Pistol. For 25m Pistol lights can be fitted as illustrated, for 50m only no light units are supplied.

The units are enclosed and resistant to outdoor use. We do recommend some cover (roof or similar) for permanent ranges, but the unit can be used without any cover for a competition. The ability to use a rubber band that covers the entire detection area ensures a extreme degree of safe operation. The pictures show the 4K560 target configured for 25m, with the dimensions of the unit illustrated also.

The body of the target is made of aluminium, and is protected during shooting by a removable steel face. A roll of either paper or rubber feeds through the target from to bottom as shots are fired, with the internal microphones detecting the sound of the bullet or pellet passing through this band. Target faces with the appropriate diameter of aiming mark are either mounted internally.

The folding monitor is ideal both for ranges that can be locked and for ranges where the equipment must be removed after shooting. The base plate is prepared for fixed mounting in a stand, but we normally recommend direct placement on shooting range or shooting table.

The display is large and easily readable. The marking is clear with emphasis on the information that is critical for the shooter.

The unit is operated using four buttons and on screen functions, and an optional wired control unit is available.

The prices shown as per unit, including a colour monitor, for use as part of a multi-target range. Such an installation will require additional physical and software components to make the range operational - please contact us with your requirements for a quote.

We can also supply the neccessary accessories to use this target as a stand-alone training target, running off a rechargable battery.

The price does not include a stand.

This model supports the full range of ISSF 25m Pistol and 50m Rifle & Rifle targets.

Available Options:
Traffic Lights:
Do you require Red and Green lights for 25m Pistol events?
Megalink 4K560 Electronic Target
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Megalink 4K560 Electronic Target
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Megalink 4K560 Electronic Target
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Megalink 4K560 Electronic Target
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