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SCATT USB Professional

SCATT USB Professional
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SCATT USB Professional is a superb opto-electronic training aid, providing the capability for static target training at distances from 4 to 12 metres while imitating shooting from 10 to 300 metres. It can be used with air, smallbore and larger caliber rifles and pistols.

The 30g optical sensor is attached to the rifle or pistol, and to the USB port of a computer, and this measures the weapon's alignment during aiming and operation of the trigger mechanism. Metal fasteners of different dimensions, for use with various diameter barrels, allow the sensor to be fixed to the barrel or gas cylinder.

The electronic target replaces the normal target and can be attached to a wall, bullet-catching device, or to a photo tripod on a distance from 4 to 12 meters. It can be used for dry or live firing with airguns and for dry firing with cartridge rifles and pistols.

The target control unit is connected to the electronic target and to USB port of a computer, using the supplied 14m cable.

The feature-rich and easy-to-use SCATT Professional software has all the necessary features for efficient training and overall analysis of shooting results. Results are displayed in both digital and graphic forms and can be saved onto disk for further analysis (aim trajectory, shots and graphics, etc). All major sport and military targets are included in the program. Depending on the model of electronic target used, this program can imitate distances from 10 to 1000 meters. At the same time it is even possible to print off the desired target in the required scale, directly from the program.

When you acquire SCATT, you buy the way to systematic training. The intuitive graphic display leads shooters of all levels automatically along the path of improved skills. By using SCATT, good and very good shooters discover the decisive elements of their technique, and can then optimise each tiny detail, which together are absolutely necessary for world-class performance.

The most fundamental feature of SCATT is that it displays movement. By making visible the point of aim on the target, observations which once were completely hidden now become the centre of attention. How does the gun approach the point of aim, where is the holding area, how still can the shooter hold it? In addition, the characteristics of trigger release and follow-through can also be studied, even the characteristics of the rifle and ammunition can be analysed.

The display from each series also delivers a wide range of statistical revelations, which can also be compared with previous performances or with the abilities of others. The team behind SCATT is innovative and continually working on new developments, and the SCATT system remains an open system which offers an apparently inexhaustible source of discoveries. The deeper you go into this labyrinth, the more you will find out about the true nature of the shot in itself. We wish you lots of pleasure and sporting success as a result of your discoveries.

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