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MEC Balance Board

MEC Balance Board
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The POSITION+BALANCE platform from MEC is used for training the basic position and balance. It uses the principle of 'unstable ground' and thus promotes balance, coordination and special muscle training. In sport shooting, these factors are of particular benefit to the restraining position.

The especially flat board only lifts the usual position by about 2 cm and hardly changes the position to the target. The plate is light and can be used without problems and without restrictions in normal training.

The degree of 'instability' can be varied by the number and positioning of the resilient balls. This allows the performance requirement to be adapted to the athlete's level.

The platform is particularly suitable for all standing shooters with rifles, pistols or bows. It is also suitable for many other sports that require precise and balanced movements from a static posture, such as golf or darts.

With the help of a smartphone, a laser pointer or a SCATT target path system, the board can be used as a biomechanical force plate. Please refer to the operating instructions for more details.

You can read more about this innovative device here:


MEC Balance Board
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MEC Balance Board
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MEC Balance Board
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