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Rink Air Pistol Grips - Current Stock

Rink Air Pistol Grips - Current Stock
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Rink Pistol Grips are replacement grips for your Air Pistol. They are customisable in five dimensions - size, side, form, angle & volume.


The hand width is measured across the knuckles, not including the thumb. Five sizes are available.


All grips are available for left and right handed shooters - at the same price!


To fill the hand completely, there is a choice of convex (for a normal man's hand) or flat (for short or big hands) palm area.


The lateral grip angle of the 0° version of our grips has been calculated so that the shooter can reach behind the pistol, with barrel axis and forearm forming a line. However, for anatomical reasons there are some shooters who find it difficult to hold the pistol in this way.

For right-handed shooters aiming with the left eye, or for shooters who have steady a left angled front sight, all grips are also available in a version angled 7° around the grip axis towards the trigger finger. This angled version is also beneficial for shooters with short fingers.


For shooters with disproportionately long hands the grips are also available with a thicker volume, with an additional 5mm of depth, so that the trigger finger doesn't reach to far into the trigger area.

Click here for more information on each of the available options.

We have the following grips in stock, many at reduced prices. One only of each.

Available Options:
Grips in stock:
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Rink Air Pistol Grips - Current Stock
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Rink Air Pistol Grips - Current Stock
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Rink Air Pistol Grips - Current Stock
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