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Bleiker Challenger II Smallbore Barrelled Action [5.211]

From: £5,038.00


The Bleiker Challenger smallbore rifle has been dominant on the world stage for a number of years, being used to win every possible title including Olympic Gold, World Championships and set many, many World Records.

2018's Challenger II builds upon this success with some improvements including:

  • New locking lugs at the front of the bolt
  • A new ejector mechanism
  • A completely new loading tray, which is locked in position when loading, but swivels automatically out of the way when the bolt is closed

It retains all the other features that have made the earlier versions of this rifle so successful, including:

  • The rim of the cartridge case is automatically centred on the bolt face when the bolt is closed
  • The firing pin strikes the cartridge case at 6 o'clock
  • The loading port is located close to the shooter

We can also use Bleiker barrelled actions as the core of a custom rifle, whether it is in Bleiker, Esprit Carabine, MEC TEC-HRO, System Gemini or other another stock, with your preferred choice of butt plate, sights and other accessories. We will also seek to price any such package competitively - please contact us for details.

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