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Eley Tenex Air Pellets [ELEY-10XAir]



In 2018, as Eley celebrated their 190th anniversary, they launched a new air pellet product which bears the historic tenex name and standards: ELEY tenex air. In 1951 ELEY redefined the potential of the .22LR cartridge with ELEY tenex: elite rimfire ammunition for the most discerning shooters. Continuous development and evolution has since maintained their competitive advantage and helped consumers reach their potential.

An extensive research program revealed the vital features necessary to advance air pellets to the next level; pellet profile, dimensional consistency and weight control were identified as the key parameters affecting accuracy. ELEY's team spent years experimenting, refining and testing, and in 2017 launched ELEY ventus - their match-grade pellets.

The team continued their product and process development to ensure medal winning performance at the highest levels. The result is ELEY tenex air. The essential statistics are .177 calibre, 4.49/4.50/4.51 diameters, and 8.2 grains. The key to consistency is in the materials selected, manufacturing techniques deployed, and the analysis and selection processes used to maintain the industry's strictest standards.

ELEY tenex air pellets deliver exceptional accuracy, 30% greater weight control than any competitor, and damage-resistant packaging. The proof of their performance is in their early success: Eley gave prototype pellets to three elite shooters at the European Championships in Hungary and the ISSF World Cup in Mexico. We came away with four medals and a new World Record.

Phil Taylor, ELEY's Technical Director, said: "Our goal was to deliver the medal winning performance demanded by the elite of air shooting and worthy of the ELEY tenex label. We have successfully ensured that the pellet mass is tightly controlled and focused at the same point in every round. The surface area and profile have been carefully sculpted to move the centre of pressure forwards of the centre of gravity. This produces the flattest most consistent flight path from muzzle to point of aim, with world beating reliability."

The pellets are packed in a patented resealable and damage resistant box - 450 pellets per box. The box is sectioned into four compartments overlaid with a foam cushion which minimises movement of the pellets and softens the impact if dropped.

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  • From Kevin from York
    (22nd August, 2022)
    The Eley Tenex air pellets are actually surprisingly reliable for accuracy. Thus far I have been please with them and they suit my pistol. The design of the box is also very good and I prefer the box design with a cover over the compartments to that of a tin especially for reducing spillage by clumsy individuals like myself. My only negative comment is the price which for only 450 pellets in a box makes them a little pricy compared to other makes sold in 500 units.
    From Alan Hughes from Manchester
    (26th October, 2022)
    Excellent quality control. They have consistently reduced my group sizes. Brilliant
    From John from London
    (31st October, 2022)

    Excellent product, well worth the little extra cost.

    From Shaun Garley from Gloucestershire
    (14th November, 2022)

    Great pellet

    From Douglas Spencer from Staffordshire
    (14th March, 2023)
    Great product good packaging and best of all made in England always good to support a product made resembly close
    From Douglas Spencer from Staffordshire
    (15th March, 2023)
    Didn't finish my previous review. I bought Qiang yuan Olympic and JSB and R10 and so far ive found these to be the most consistent through my Morini 162e
    From John Perry from London
    (17th July, 2023)

    Great British product. Worth every penny

    From Vernon from
    (15th August, 2023)
    Arrived on time. I like the packaging with the different compartments.
    From James from London
    (26th January, 2024)

    Needed some for a postal comp - a lot of people are finding that they shoot better and way more consistently with them! They're amazing. Pricey but worth it. Tried a bunch of pellets and nothing beats them yet.

    From Gary Roffey from Ashford. Kent,
    (15th April, 2024)
    Love the pellets. Hate the box. Usually tip the pellets into an empty tin lid, or else they are a pain to get hold of.
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