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Megalink 3D Score 25/50 Electronic Target [MEGA3DS25-50]


The 3D Score targets are the next generation of electronic targets from Megalink, and this version is designed for 25m Pistol and 50m Rifle & Pistol.  Unlike the previous generation of targets, this model uses optical technology to measure the location of the shot on the target, doing away with the requirement for a paper or rubber roll.

The measurement area is much deeper than any other optically-based targets, allowing the 3D Score to cater for parallax errors and accurately detect cross-shots.  It is extremely robust and will continue to record accurately even when faced with a considerable build-up of debris or dust.

The entire unit is protected by hardox steel plating that can withstand direct .22 calibre hits, with an aperture of 515x515mm.  Correx target faces are available for the 25m and 50m ISSF events, and an optional red/greed LED light can be fitted on the top for 25m Pistol.

The 3D Score can be used in a variety of different configurations:

  • As a stand-alone personal training target, using a PC as a display
  • As a stand-alone personal training target, using a dedicated Megalink monitor
  • As part of a larger range installation with multiple targets connected together and managed from a central PC

A paper 'witness strip' can be added to cater for challenges in competition.

  • Please note we are unable to ship this product overseas