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Megalink Monitor [MEGA-MON]

This monitor is tough, portable and has a simple yet feature-rich interface.

The display is large and easy to read. All the information that is important to a shooter is displayed in a prompt, clear and concise manner. Operation of the unit is done with four buttons and on screen menu functions. The menu system is very easy to learn.

Information displayed in the shot picture:

  • Graphic presentation of all shots in a series.
  • Averaged hit position is displayed with a cross and in millimetres.
  • List displaying the last 10 shots
  • Last shot blinks and is displayed with large characters and precise position.
  • Sum for series, subtotals and total sum for shooting card.
  • Sighting series are indicated by a black triangle in the upper right corner of the target.
  • Pressure readings for oversight of detection quality, a vital tool for professional shooters, as well as range management (4K187/4K300/4K560 targets only)
  • Velocity of the projectile passing through the target sensors (3D Score targets only), quickly highlighting any issues arising with rifles and/or ammunition.
  • Name and target type can be displayed on a welcome screen.
  • A sponsor line can be displayed on a welcome screen.
  • Shooting clock can be displayed to the shooter during shooting.
  • The shooter can choose one of three levels of zoom, and when operating in stand-alone mode, a number of different colour schemes can be selected.

Other features include:

  • Ten different levels for brightness adjustment makes it suitable for indoors and outdoors use, and makes it easy for the shooter to see the marking when difficult weather / light conditions
  • Software can be upgraded with any PC.
  • Built in Smart Card reader.
  • 2 x USB ports.
  • Automatic storage of the last 400-800 shots per shooting card.
  • Support for simulated shooting distance and user defined gauges.
  • Control of target lift and light signal system (for pistol turn targets).
  • An assortment of value systems and shooting programs.
  • Anti glare/reflection coated.
  • Additional polycarbonate protection can be easily mounted.

The unit is easily collapsible by flipping up the bottom plate to protect the screen. This makes the monitor easy to transport and stack while in storage. The screen can easily be placed where it will be of optimal use to the shooter, due to easy change of angle.

The monitor has two contacts on the rear where a cable from the shooting stand or a neighbouring monitor can be connected. The connector cable is a standard 2 meters but cables of longer lengths are also available. The bottom plate is designed for stand mounting if desired.

Also on the rear of the unit are 2 USB connectors and a Smart Card reader.  An optional small control unit can be connected to one of the USB connectors.

The monitor and target can also be configured to provide a ballistic test mode, allowing for batch testing of ammunition to take place.

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  • Please note we are unable to ship this product overseas
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