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Megalink Software - MLRange [MEGA-MLRANGE]


MLRange is used to control all of the ML2000 equipment during an event.

Complete Range Management

The program has a user friendly and intuitive interface so that all range personnel can readily access the system.

The current version of MLRange is the product of an evolution that began in 1997. Over the years we have developed a system that accommodates virtually all types of organised shooting while staying easy to use so that minimal training is required.

ISSF Regulation Championships

  • 10m Air Rifle & Air Pistol
  • 50m Rifle
  • 25m/50m Pistol
  • 300m Rifle
  • NSRA 15/20/25 yard Rifle

Using MLRange you can:

Configure your competition to the smallest detail

Bring in new relays of shooters

Control public display content

Control all shooter clocks

Administrate all shooting activity and ML2000 system parameters from a single seat

Correct score cards as you need to

Control results display for finals

Prepare and send data automatically to public display (MLView), back-office applications (MLRes) and print.

Prints graphical score cards as well as complete listings for each lane of all important shot and sum information.

Other functionality in MLRange

Support for up to 4 ports

Built-in simulation mode for training and testing

Support for SIUS SA9001, SA9002 and SA921

Direct printing of detailed graphical score cards and lists

Handles print out from monitor for training purposes

Club/Team-based print options

Print out complete shot logs

Easily define, save and use your own Course of Fire definitions including shooters clock, target lift action, turning/falling target modes and much, much more

Archiving of competitions

Supports a blend of competition and training

Individual lane-level configuration of target type, value system, calibre and more

Support for start numbers

Automatic control of each lanes target lift position based on the discipline that matches the shooter’s class (can be manually overridden when the system suggests a change for a shooter as you load a new relay)

Offers a completely closed system for finals with instant shot-by-shot replay for display to the shooters on their monitors as well as to your public (via MLView)

Zoom levels can be controlled for all views

Ability to check the software versions of all your Megalink equipment connected to your range

Automatic welcome message greets each new series of shooters

Automatic exchange and publication to MLRes and MLView as well as other supported applications

Ability to query and issue direct commands to any or all targets on your range

Full support for asynchronous shooting exercises – add shooters at will

Ability to configure the system to allow each shooter to select which series to shoot independently

Online help. In addition to general documentation their are also specific info dialogs that appear to introduce or explain special features

MLRange is normally provided free of charge with installations. Please note that in order to make use of it with a personal training target, a USB adaptor is required.


    PC requirements

    - Windows 2000 or later

    - Standard USB port

    - Minimum 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution with a minimum of 256 colours

    - For small competitions a Pentium 500MHz with 256MB RAM would be more than sufficient

    - Windows compatible printer

  • Please note we are unable to ship this product overseas
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