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Megalink Software - MLView [MEGA-MLVIEW]


Our public display system displays shooter information, shot positions, sums, competition ranking and much more.

MLView = Public Display System

MLView is a Windows application that runs on all compatible monitors, displays and projectors.

The application is designed to be installed and administered on a machine on your network to alleviate having to run around configuring different machines running MLView that you may have set up to drive your public display.

An MLView feature called LiveWeb allows you to publish your competition results to web so enthusiasts from across the globe can follow your competition and its participants while the shooting is happening!

Flexible Configuration

With MLView it is easy to specify custom display views for each lane (known as pictures). You are totally free to setup a display system with many screens with custom content in each or fewer screens with many different pictures that automatically cycle as you want them to.

With our new version of MLView you can now display lanes from different ranges in the same picture. You can also blend list type picture with graphical type pictures in the same display (see screenshot above).

Completely Automatic

When you start the display it will follow the activities on the range and from our office applications automatically and in immediately. When the range officer changes relays MLView does the same. Even competition changes are handles automatically! If the back office corrects a shooter’s name or other information the changes are displayed at once.

Totals and subtotals are calculated and promptly displayed as the shooting progresses.


    PC Requirements

    - Windows 2000 or later

    - Recommended minimum 1024 x 768 display with at least 16 color

    - The more powerful your computer, the more powerful MLView will be but smaller ranges can be run on a modest machine.

    - A computer network

  • Please note we are unable to ship this product overseas
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