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Megalink Stand with Target Lift [MEGALIFT]

For shooting in several positions at short distances you need a solution for changing the height of the target.

MEGAlink have developed a smart target lift where the lift control is fully integrated into the software of the display unit or the range management program for competitions- ideal for British indoor ranges at 15-25 yards, or for Three Positions Air Rifle at 10m. While available as a stand-alone unit to mount to an existing range structure, recently MEGAlink have also produced a wooden stand with the lift attached, designed for use with either the 4K187 or 4K300 target model.


  • The lift unit is mounted above the target (standard delivery covers ceiling height 195cm-300cm)
  • The motor is powerful and requires no counter weight (can lift up to 20kg)
  • The motor control is implemented with electronics (solid state) integrated into each lift unit
  • The target position is determined with a built in sensor in the motor - this eliminates need for end switches etc.
  • A total of four positions can be programmed: prone, kneeling, standing and park
  • The adjustment of target positions are done with built in configuration screens in the monitor.
  • The target unit is sliding along the uprights of the wooden stand behind the target
  • Common power supply (24VAC) for 10 lifts
  • Communication through a simple cable chain from the standard target connection box
  • The operation of the lifts are done through integrated functions in the display unit or range management software.
  • Support for automatic position change after a number of shots for multi-position series
  • MLRange supports individual automatic lift positioning according to shooting program and classes
  • Very fast position change (approx. 8 seconds up and 6 seconds down)
  • Intelligent speed control to enable fast positioning and precise positioning
  • Build in logic to secure against damage when target movement is blocked
  • Easy to protect without risk of ricochets

Solutions of this form have already been highly successful across the USA, where the college teams all shoot smallbore three positions at 50 foot targets, and have largely converted from paper targets to electronics in recent years.

  • Please note we are unable to ship this product overseas
  • From Rob Warnes from South Wales
    (20th June, 2021)
    We have had 6 of these lifts in our 10M Performance range in Cardiff for 8 years and I can highly recommend them. They have recently been upgraded from holding 4K187s to 3DScore targets and the change over was very easy. the lifts allow you as said to set height to Stand, Kneel or Prone and can even be Used to carry out .22 Scatt training if weather outdoors is not conducive to quality training.