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Qiang Yuan Olympic Grade Pellets [QY-Olympic]



Made in China to the tightest tolerances, this relatively new brand has made a considerable impact on the 10m market within just a few years.

These top of the line pellets are hand selected and are individually packaged within the box to prevent damage and maintain accuracy.

They are used extensively at international level to great success.

The 'Olympic Grade' grade pellets are supplied in a pack of 200 separate pellets in two layers of 100 each.

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  • From Ton van Esch from Oxfordshire
    (9th January, 2023)
    Great quality and consistency at a great price
    From David Stevenson from Huntingdon UK
    (6th March, 2023)

    I have completely switched to QYS pellets for both air rifles and pistols, having tried H&N, RWS, and the many Czech manufactured pellets previously. Previously I weighted every pellet I purchased, but I have stopped weighing QYS pellets because the weights are so consistent that it is a waste of time. Those packed in tins get inspected for damage, but the Olympic grade do not, due to the superior packing. With my rifles (Steyr and Air Arms HFTs) I get 1cm groups consistently at 30m with the QYS Streamlined 550mg pellets. I am not such a good shot at unsupported pistol, but these QYS Olympic pellets give a cloverleaf group easily at 10m with a rest (hand held, not clamped) with my Styer Evo 10. The Steyr UK people commented that QYS pellets are so "clean" that one rarely needs to clean barrels. By ckeab I take them to mean both that the pellets are packaged free of extraneous junk, but also the lead itself seems more refined and the shape of the pellets smoother, "slicker". Highly recommended. I am a QYS convert.

    From Simon KD from New Forest
    (27th March, 2023)

    Ordered these from Edinkillie, great service and good price. The QYS 4.5mm pellets are excellent for consistent - and accurate - use. They are well packed, i.e. individually in pack of 200 pellets and I am very happy with them for benchrest shooting.

    From Bill Mountain from Cornwall
    (11th April, 2023)

    Extremely consistent in both my LG400 and my wife AR20 at 20M Benchrest. just ordered lots more

    From Bruce from Cumbernauld
    (26th February, 2024)
    Thanks again to Donald for providing these high quality pellets at a great price. Consistant weight, accurate, clean and well packed in protected foam layers.
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