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The TEC-HRO Touch is a totally innovative trigger-lever which, for the first time, offers a continuous adjustment allowing the trigger-lever to be configured to meet the trigger-finger perfectly, so doing away with the need to adapt the hand/finger position to suit the trigger.

Until now, it has been necessary for shooters with long fingers to move their trigger-levers a long way forward. However, this causes active muscle tension in the last section of the trigger-finger, which is less than ideal. It is exactly this tension which might prove risky in competition, as tensed musculature is harder to control under stress than in training, and therefore often responsible for bad shots. Offsetting the trigger-lever to the left (for right-handers) provides a genuine solution, permitting the musculature of the trigger-finger to be completely relaxed.

The same is clearly also the case for shooters with short fingers. Gone is the need to stretch out the trigger-finger in order to reach the trigger-lever. Instead of having to put up with unnaturally tensed muscles, the trigger can be offset to the right (for right-handers) - an enormous help, which contributes to performance improvement.

From our tests with shooters ranging from medium to high performance levels, we have now designed the contact surface to provide the best-possible 'feel' (touch) for the trigger-finger. Added to which, the "TEC-HRO touch" is fitted with a new means of fastening to the trigger-bar, which enables it to be fitted to all usual makes of target rifle + pistol provided that they feature a trigger-bar. This also means that the user can transfer the trigger-lever to another gun, should a change-over be necessary.

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  • From Chris Daniels (19th February, 2021)
    Ordered the Tec-Hro touch for my Anschutz 9015HP. Informed of progress from start to end and it arrived within the given dates . Cannot fault Edinkillie at all. 5 Star service.
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