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Walther LP500 Air Pistol [WAL2854767M]



Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, our goal is to help you succeed. To this end, we scrutinise even our best products for ways to make them better. We try out innovative materials and develop new production methods. When it comes to quality, we make no compromises, and sport shooters all over the globe appreciate it.

When you pick up the LP500, you're holding our best air pistol of all time - made so that you can achieve your BEST PERFORMANCE.

These following features are common to all LP500 Air Pistols:

  • Match barrel aluminium barrel jacket & compensator
  • MASTER trigger blace
  • X-CHANGE trigger unit with mechanical triggfer
  • Dry firing mode
  • SADDLE breech
  • Alu cylinder
  • Regular 3D molded match grip
  • Variable sight radius, continuously adjustable rear sight
  • Variable rear sight cut-out
  • Front sight with three different widths
  • gun case and accessories

FOR INDIVIDUALISTS: Use the Walther Modular System (WMS) to configure your own personal LP500.



    Something for everyone? Yes, because the LP500 is versatile, in keeping with the diversity of its owners. Whether you're an ambitious novice, an experienced competitor or a demanding professional, the Walther Modular System (WMS) lets you combine the components as you wish, and we can make you your own personal dream pistol on our high-tech assembly line.

    Please click here to be taken to the LP500 Configurator on the Walther website, where you select from a wide range of available options.  If you would like to place a custom order, selecting one or more of the available options, please contact us with the details.

  • All Firearms, including Air Rifle and Air Pistols, must normally be collected from us in person at our premises in Clackmannanshire, accompanied by the relevant Firearm Certificate or Air Weapon Licence.

    For UK and Isle of Man customers, it is possible to ship a purchased firearm to Registered Firearms Dealer of your choice. You are responsible for ensuring that any such RFD has agreed to receive any such shipment from us, for paying any handling fee that they may charge, and for providing us with their contact details so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.

    For any items which require to be signed onto a UK Firearm Certificate, this must be sent to us for completion prior to any shipment being made. Different arrangements exist for customers on the Isle of Man.

    Channel Island customers should contact us to discuss options prior to completing any order.

    We do not export firearms to any other countries.

  • Please note we are unable to ship this product overseas
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